Meet the team:

Colleen Faulconbridge: Ozone/Kinesiology

Background - Colleen qualified as a Medical Technologist in 1980.  Colleen has a  Degree in Fine Art, 

Diplomas in Psychology, Health Management and  a Master's Certificate in Herbalism and Therapeutic Nutrition, She is a co-founder of the Ozone Association of Southern Africa and is a board member. 

Body Revival Institute also offers:

Kinesiology therapy

Theta Healing

Supplement therapy ( Micronutrient therapy

Diet Counselling 

Dr Matthew Harris: Homeopath 

Background - 2000: Integrative Health practice in Vryburg (2000-2001), Pretoria (2002 - 2008) and Witbank (2009). Mathew formed Nutritional Diagnostic Solutions CC, a neutraceutical company which formulates compounds and distributes neutraceutical supplements to Wellness Centers. 

In 2009 he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Ozone Association.

1998 - 1999: Technikon Natal, Masters Degree in Homeopathy, and Completion of Dissertation.

1997: Technikon Natal, Internship: Technikon Homeopathic Day Clinic

1996: Technikon Natal, National Higher Diploma: Homeopathy (Materia Medica V, Clinical Homeopathy V, and Nutrition).

1992 - 1995: Technikon Natal, National Diploma: Homeopathy (Anatomy / Physiology / Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Biochemistry / Epidemiology / Pathology / Social Studies / Auxillary therapies / Practice Management / Diagnostics / Materia Medica / Clinical Homoeopathy)