Oxygen is the most abundant and essential element; of all the elements the body needs; only oxygen is in such constant demand that its absence brings death in minutes.


To become a growth medium for parasites, viruses, fungal infections and other anaerobic protozoa, one has to have allowed the oxygen saturation of the body's fluids to drop well below the optimum level for healthy cell growth and function.


The simplest substances available for restoring one's oxygen balance to a healthy range are ozone (O3), and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is much easier to obtain and use. These are both highly toxic when concentrated, but when diluted to therapeutic levels they are not only non-toxic but uniquely beneficial.


The simplest and most enjoyable ozone therapy is an ozone sauna.  This involves sitting and relaxing in a steam cabinet [just surrounding your body & limbs - not your head], while ozone is pumped into the unit at the correct therapeutic amount.    
As you relax, all your body, [except your neck and head] will be bathed in an ozone oxygen steam mixture.  The steam moistens and warms your skin, opening your pores and allowing the ozone to gently penetrate and oxygenate your tissues.  
The ozone oxygen steam mixture will also act as an anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and anti-viral agent on your skin surface.  

As well as the benefits of the ozone, this method is advantageous in that raising the body temperature slightly is beneficial in terms of stimulating the immune system and helping the body detoxify.    

Also one extra benefit may also be that you lose a little weight because during a 25-30 minute session in the cabinet, your body will use up approximately 500 calories.

It is noted that all individuals using ozone therapy should also ensure adequate amounts of Vitamins B (complex), C, E, A, (& Beta Carotene), Zinc, Selenium, and some have recommended N-acetyl-Cysteine, and Copper.