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$ 28 USD

90 Capsules

Ener-Gee-Slam combines botanical extracts, B vitamins & an amino acid for balanced energy, focus & concentration support as well as lessening fatigue due to athletic performance. Standardised Guarana seed & Yerba Mate leaf extracts provide us with two natural plant sources of caffeine. Caffeine is a universally favourite compound which has been shown to stimulate central nervous system and neurotransmitter activity. It also increases cellular thermogenesis & acts as a natural diuretic for water retention. Tyrosine, an amino acid, along with the B vitamins, improves alertness, wakefulness & supports a healthy stress response. Eleutherococcus senticosus extract, an ancient herb with adaptogenic, anti-stress and endurance-enhancing effects, completes the energy formula. This potent combination of  Eleutherococcus, Guarana and Yerba Mate provides a powerful natural source for on-demand energy and stress support.