Once “connected” with The Creator, and predominantly in Theta, the trained Theta Healer is able to work directly with the client’s body, DNA and genes. The DNA carries the blueprint to our physical and psychological makeup, storing memory of our genetic characteristics straight down the ancestral line. Some illnesses can be transferred through the genes to the next generation but with ThetaHealing the DNA can be healed so that the disease is not recreated.
After gaining permission and identifying imbalances in the body, the Theta Healer can activate and witness cellular changes from the Master Cell in the pineal gland. By working with the morphogenetic field, the practitioner “teaches” the client’s body to replace the old dying cells with new healthy cells. In other words, the practitioner can eradicate the illness by “replacing” ill cells with healthy, well functioning ones. Instant healings of physical illnesses are also possible. This was revealed to Vianna Stibal after the Creator healed her from cancer.

The ThetaHealing practitioner can also activate the dormant DNA strands, including the mitochondria. Mitochondria produce the energy to run cells in our bodies. Once a person’s DNA is activated the activation will replicate through the body for 3 to 6 months. DNA Activation restores our original psychic abilities and our abilities to manifest our desires (and fears) very quickly. Although we are not completely sure as to why these strands were reactivated aeons ago, we do know that once reactivated all of our own spiritual gifts awaken one by one. With DNA Activation we become genetically hardwired to be six sensory, our health stabilizes, and we gain the ability to heal ourselves and abilities with grace and ease.

Key to ThetaHealing is the Four Level Belief Work which people should experience prior to the DNA activation. This enables a person to release limiting beliefs and fears before becoming a master manifester. The practitioner can help a client to quickly and simply locate and reprogramme limiting beliefs, assumptions, feelings, emotional patterns and blocks stored deep within her subconscious mind. Different from other energy and spiritual healing modalities, ThetaHealing helps a client to instantly change the unconscious causes of her life or health challenges without hands on healing, tapping, machines, or hypnosis.