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Why I would recommend ozone therapy?

I often get asked the question. “What does ozone do and how can it help me?”

There are many ways to answer this question, but the most often answer is that ozone boosts the immune system. This is received with a blank face and oftentimes the immune system is linked to HIV and if I don’t have HIV then why should my immune system need boosting?

The immune system is part of the bodies system that works as the defence against disease and controls the bacterial, fungal and microbial levels in the body. And the immune system is responsible for balancing the body to cope with these invasions of bacteria, fungal infection or viral infection as well as consolidate the toxins by removing them effectively as mucous or simple waste. The body uses the skin as well as the other elimination systems such as the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal system to eliminate toxins.

If the immune system is working effectively the whole body is working properly.

I use the analogy “if you have just bought a brand new car would you stop at every garage on the way home and fill the petrol tank up with Coca Cola?. NO!.” you would fill it with the right petrol and oil so that it can run properly and effectively.

I also tell my clients that “All disease is caused by a lack of oxygen at cellular level in an acid environment” and at Body Revival we peel back the layers of what your particular condition is, relating to your acid environment. We prefer not to diagnose a specific condition at Body Revival but to treat the whole body holistically so that we can boost that old immune system

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